Join Us

The group operates with a maximum of ten shareholders. There are currently four shareholders in the group.

  • £10000 per share
  • £120 per hour airborne. Flights are logged as airborne plus 10 minutes. Taxi time is not charged.
  • £150 per month. This is to cover maintenance and to add the contingency fund.

Experience requirements.

Both of the instructors in our group have a background in airline training. We appreciate that this might possibly be intimidating for some people. This is not the intention or the reality, both Alex and Paul are really friendly and are keen to encourage and help people. Not everyone will learn at the same rate and it may be the first complex aircraft you get your hands on. But the message is simple, it’s just an aeroplane. We will provide as much instruction as is required until you are happy and we are…safety is always first.

All we are looking for is people who can operate safely and demonstrate a reasonable level of airmanship. Unlike many groups we don’t have a defined number of hours as a prerequisite, we have a firm belief that quantity is bested by quality. With that in mind anyone who wishes to join the group will be required to take a flight with Alex or Paul. This will give you the chance to experience the aeroplane and us to see where you are experience wise.